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Brian and Melissa Bickford


2015 President’s Address

2015 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting years yet! My profession has allowed me to travel extensively throughout North America and other remote locations. I have had the privilege of interpreting conversations behind closed doors, and becoming an expert in specialized fields. I have met some of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders, as well as some of the most humble and energetic individuals who try to make the world a better place. I have broken language barriers to allow people to learn about the past, assimilate current events, and prepare for the future.

This year, Pendleton Translations is celebrating ten years as a company. It is also important for us to take a step back and analyze the past, live in the present, and move into the right direction for the future. The Greater Toronto Area is where our company took its roots. Toronto is a city of opportunities, and it is where I started as a young entrepreneur. My first conference was at the Rogers Center, right next to the CN Tower. My office at the time was in the basement of my first home, on Pendleton Road, in Mississauga.

From those humble beginnings, Pendleton Translations has grown exponentially, and in 2015, the company has decided that it is appropriate to celebrate past achievements and remember the many highs and lows we experienced and overcame. As a freelancer, I survived the SARS scare in the GTA by looking abroad, which gave us a presence throughout North America. We thrived as a company during the 2008 global economic crisis by improving our relationships with our current clients and by acquiring new ones along the way. We endured a grueling audit in 2013, where we learned the importance of a good accountant. Generally speaking, it is said that more than half of small businesses survive for five or more years, and about a third of those survive more than 10 years. It is for these reasons that Pendleton Translations Limited should remove its top hat and put on a party hat to celebrate its accomplishments.

We will be starting our celebrations in Toronto, where it all started, and will then travel throughout North America to meet clients, partners, fellow interpreters, translators, and many other people along the way. We have conquered a significant segment of the North American market, and 2015 will be a year to continue growing at home and expand internationally.

Our international growth will mean more access to regional resources, such as culture-specific terminology databases, and a new pool of translators and interpreters in other parts of the world. We will also be able to develop localized glossaries by visiting local attractions, libraries, and by reading local newspapers and other literature. Finally, we will be building bridges with international partners who are looking to collaborate with an award-winning Canadian company.

As an interpreter and translator, each destination will be filled with opportunities for self-growth, as it will allow me to acquire specific terminology and to learn about current events that aren’t reported on at home. As an entrepreneur and business owner, it will be the vehicle to bring in new partners, develop our client base, and acquire new talent.

If you are a fellow entrepreneur, continue growing by exploring new opportunities. Keep searching for creative ways to grow as an individual, look for imaginative and fun ways to promote your company, and if you aren’t having fun, change your approach.

Going global is a very exciting step for our company. At Pendleton Translations Limited, we are excited to move in this direction, and we look forward to celebrating our success throughout the world in 2015 and for many years into our future.



Brian Bickford
CEO & President