Translation is about more than just converting from one language to another, it’s about conveying a message effectively and making sure the meaning translates as much as the words. In business your ideas, processes, or legal requirements need to be conveyed correctly so as not to confuse or worse, offend, your audience. Ensure your message translates correctly with Pendleton Translations.

pendletonfrWhy French to English?

  • Over 200 million people speak French as either a first or second language.
  •  French is an official language of 29 countries, as well as the United Nations, NATO, and many other international organizations.
  •  Spoken on five continents, no other language besides English has as much global reach.


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As one of the most commonly spoken languages in nearly 29 countries and with over 75 million native speakers and many more who use it as a second language, French is one of our most frequently requested translations. French is also full of subtleties which require an in-depth understanding of the language and culture to communicate effectively.

We offer professional French to English translation to convey your message across multiple mediums in a variety of industries. Whether it’s technical writing, your company’s branding or a formal document, you can count on Pendleton Translations to offer high-quality translations.

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