globeflagsOur clients know that “our translation services are the best”. Over the years, Pendleton Translations Limited has grown exponentially and has become the successful, award-winning, and reputable company that our clients enjoy working with today.

Although being successful in business is important to make all companies prosper, it is also important to be a responsible “corporate citizen”. Our company began giving back by offering NGOs discounts on projects to accommodate their budgets, and by donating our translators’ time to complete translation projects in several languages for not-for-profit organizations. Over the years, PTL has sponsored children from Guatemala, The Philipines, and Mexico through World Vision.  CEO and founder Brian Bickford has also created and presented a series of lessons, aimed at middle school students, to stress the importance of developing and/or maintaining a second language.

PTL will continue supporting the above mentioned projects, but it has also turned a new page and added a philanthropic facet to its company. In December 2009, PTL created the PTL Foundation. Since January 2010, Pendleton Translations Limited has been transferring 2% of its net revenue into the PTL Foundation. The proceeds will be invested to promote three essential social aspects of life: education, entrepreneurship, and health.

PTL is committed to give children at home and abroad more opportunities in life by helping to educate them. Our company is also committed to giving less fortunate people and communities a chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Without health, people cannot benefit from an education and flourish as entrepreneurs—that is why our third focus is on health care in developing countries, and at home.

Our generosity would not be possible without our valued clients. On behalf of our entire team at Pendleton Translations Limited, thank you.

You can follow our charitable projects by clicking on the links below:

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Milton District Hospital Foundation 

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada

The CIBC Run for the Cure

Toronto Police Service – Make A Wish Foundation Golf Tournament

World Vision Canada