When you’re sending your message out across the world you want the meaning to be conveyed professionally, correctly and effectually. Improper translation or grammar can result in your message becoming confused and reflects badly on your business. Ensure your message translates correctly with Pendleton Translations.


Why Spanish Translation?


  • Spanish has approximately 3 million native speakers in 44 countries.
  • Spanish is an official language of the UN and its institutions, the European Union and other international organizations.
  • Spanish has two many variants, Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latin America.


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English and Spanish share much of their vocabulary so it must be fairly easy to translate right? Wrong! While both languages derive many of their words from Latin, the biggest difference is in the grammar of the two languages and Spanish’s use of gender. Further, with two variants on Spanish, español (for Spanish from Latin America) and castellano (for Spanish from Spain) it is essential to differentiate for each audience.

We offer professional Spanish translation to convey your message across multiple mediums in a variety of industries. Whether it’s technical writing, your company’s branding or a formal document, you can count on Pendleton Translations to offer high-quality translations.

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